Costs Involved With Hiring A Pest Controller

Having Pests in your home or garden can not only cause damage but can also be a rather serious risk to your health. Whether you’re being bitten, stung or your property is being destroyed, pests can cause a great deal of stress.

Although you can purchase various traps, chemicals and repellents. You may opt to hire a pest controller to rid you of your unwanted guests.
Pest Contol Costs
A Pest Controllers Duties may include:

  • Treating for bed bug.
  • Removal of wasps, bee and hornets’ nests.
  • Cockroach treatment.
  • Ant control.
  • Flea treatment.
  • Rodent control.
  • Small mammal control.
  • Slug Prevention

Treatment for Pest Control


Some of the chemicals, pellets and sprays used to control pests can be extremely powerful and dangerous. This is why occasionally hiring a professional is essential.

The off the shelf insecticides that you can purchase often have fewer active ingredients. These are what gives the chemical its repelling and killing power.

If you do decide to administer any pest control chemicals make sure to first read the label. All chemicals on the market are approved by the Environment Protection Agency before being sold. This ensures the chemicals are not only effective but are also safe for use in areas accessible by adults, children and animals. The label will give clear and concise instructions on any protective precautions needed. A quick read will also educate on how to administer the chemical correctly.


Traps are often considered an inhumane way of dealing with rodents and small mammals but this simply doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Setting traps can be an effective method of controlling pests and although traditional traps can be quite brutal a lot of modern traps used by pest controllers capture the animal for a safe release.


Fumigation is usually used as a last resort and in cases of serious infestations.  The process involves sealing off your property while gas is circulated throughout to kill off all pests inside. This is a very effective method of clearing your home but can be very expensive as your whole property needs to be vacated and sealed off for at least a few days.

Natural Pest Control

There are more natural methods of reducing numbers and removing pests from your property. One basic principle that is often overlooked is removing the pest’s habitat. By removing whatever is attracting pests to your property can greatly reduce the number of unwanted visitors you’re receiving.

If you have a build up of rubbish or construction debris then this can offer the ideal habitat for rats. By removing whatever attracts them they have no option but to relocate elsewhere.

The removal of habitats can also be applied elsewhere in your home, insects thrive in warm and damp environments so if you have damage where leaks are entering your property you should get this repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage being caused and pests entering your property.

Another natural way of decreasing the number of pests on your property can be biological control. This involves introducing a natural predator to hunt the pests just like in the wild. Typically opted by farmers and those with large properties this offers a natural method of reducing pests on your property but isn’t likely to completely remove the intruders.

Average Cost to Hire a Pest Controller

The average day rate for a pest control specialist in the UK is between £80 and £120.

Cost Breakdown of Common Pest Control Jobs

Below we have listed some of the most common jobs that our pest controllers receive and the average price that they would charge. These figures are based on estimates and will vary depending on the region and if any other costs will be involved.

Rodent Removal – Depending on the scale of the infestation you should expect to pay between £75 – £120.

Flea Treatment – The size of your home will affect the price of flea treatment. For a standard 3 bedroom home, you should expect to pay between £90-£110.

Ant Control – You should expect to pay around £80 for an ant infestation removal.

Bed Bug Removal – Bed bug removal typically involves multiple treatments over several visits. For a 3 bed home you should expect to pay around £200.

Removal of Wasps, Bee and Hornets’ Nests – For the removal of 1 nest you should expect to pay around £60 depending on the accessibility.

Bird Control and Prevention – If you have an overwhelming amount of birds on your property and would like to add some deterrents you should expect to pay anywhere between £60 and £200 depending on the scale and deterrents that you choose to incorporate.

Cockroach Treatment – Depending on the scale of the infestation you should expect to pay around £75-£120.

Small Mammal Control – For mole or squirrel control you should expect to pay around £90-£100 depending on the scale of your property and infestation.

These are just some guidelines as to the costs you can expect for the most common jobs that our Pest Controllers encounter.

To get a more accurate figure you will need to get a quote and describe your job in detail so that a qualified tradesman can give you an accurate price.

Reducing Costs 

There are some ways to save a few pounds when you are looking to hire a Pest controller. Firstly you need to decide if you can take it on yourself, or if you require the help of a professional.

It can be enticing to try to do the work yourself but it is recommended that you allow a professional to complete the more complicated tasks, especially those which incorporate dangerous chemicals.

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