Costs Involved With Hiring a Locksmith

The price you might pay to hire a locksmith can vary depending on the company and your individual needs. Whether you need an emergency locksmith or you are moving to a new home and need the locks replaced, all the costs will vary. Some Locksmith jobs are easy enough to take on yourself. For more complicated jobs you may opt to hire a professional to secure your property efficiently.

A Locksmiths Duties may include:

  • Fitting & Changing Locks
  • Opening Doors
  •  Burglary Repair
  •  Door Replacement
  •  Emergency Locksmiths
  •  UPVC Door & Window Lock Repair
  •  Auto Locksmithing
  •  Safe Opening
  •  Key Cutting

What Might Affect Prices?

Most locksmiths operate within regular business hours, so if you need a locksmith outside the regular workday, that will drive up the costs. The price will vary depending on the size of the job.

Most locksmith companies charge hourly rates and it is important that you understand the scope of the work. For example, if you are moving into a new home and need all the locks changed, that will likely be more than just an hour-long job like repairing a window lock.

If the locksmith needs to order parts because you have items that are non-standard, that will affect the price of the job as well. Most locksmiths only carry the standard lock items. If your home requires something special, be prepared to pay the price for the time it takes to get the new equipment plus the labour involved. A lot of older door lock mechanisms are German made which can make them harder to match identically.

Average Cost to Hire a Locksmith

There are a number of reasons why you might need your locks changed. Maybe a burglar broke one or more locks during a robbery, or maybe you are having trouble with a door opening correctly. If you are moving into a new property, it is recommended that you hire a locksmith to come in and change out the locks. You never know how many keys the previous owners had made and who might have a copy of the keys to the locks on your new home. Regardless of the reason, your need for a locksmith will determine the price.

The average hourly rate in the UK for a locksmith is £150. You can expect to pay anywhere from £95 to £210 depending on the type of services you need.

Cost Breakdown of Common Locksmith Jobs

Below we have listed some of the most common jobs that our locksmiths receive and the average price that they would charge. These figures are based on estimates and will vary depending on the region and if any other costs will be involved.

Changing Locks –

The average cost to change the locks at a new property is around £350. This is dependent upon the number of doors and other external locks on your property.

Mortice Lock Replacement –

To change a mortice lock, the average price is about £45 per lock plus the cost of labour involved.

Emergency Boarding Up –

If your home or property has been damaged for whatever reason, you can expect to pay £200 which is contingent on how much damage there is at the property, and the time of day you need the services. If it is an emergency situation, expect to pay a much higher price.

Euro Cylinder –

Just like the mortice lock, the average cost for a Euro Cylinder is £45 plus the cost of labour.

Biometric Locks –

Biometrics are becoming more popular as an added security measure. If you are looking to upgrade to biometric locks, you can expect to pay around £100 to £500. This depends on the sophistication of the system and your individual needs, plus the costs of labour.

UPVC Doors –

For doors made from UPVC, you might be able to get away with just changing out the cylinder. This will be more cost-effective. If you need more advanced lock fitting with a UPVC door lock, then expect the cost to at least double.

Removal of Broken Key or Replacement Keys –

This is a relatively easy job and will cost an average of an hour of labour. Expect to pay £90 to £150 depending on the job.

These are just some guidelines as to the costs you can expect for the most common jobs that our Locksmiths encounter. To get a more accurate figure you will need to get a quote and describe your job in detail so that a qualified tradesman can give you an accurate price.

Reducing Costs

There are some ways to save a few pounds when you are looking to hire a locksmith. You need to determine if the work needed is an emergency or if it can wait until normal business hours. It is important to do a little research and get quotes from a variety of locksmiths if you have the time and the job is going to be a larger project. While it can be enticing to try to do the work yourself, it is recommended that you allow a professional to complete the more complicated tasks. One of the risks involved in doing the work yourself is the possibility that you might invalidate your home insurance. To avoid this we reccomend you check your insureance or hire a professional for peace of mind.

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