Costs Involved With Hiring a Heating Engineer

Heating engineers are trained in installing and maintaining all types of heating systems. They are able to install and replace heating systems as well as diagnose and repair faults when your system has altered in its proper performance. A heating engineer can inspect and run periodic tests of gas, electric, and oil appliances that can include boilers, radiators, and repairs to underfloor heating units in accordance with relevant regulations within the industry.

boiler repair

A Heating Engineers Duties May include:

– Installing Boilers
– Boiler Repairs and Service
– Fitting and Repairing Gas Cooker
– Biomass Boiler Installation and Servicing
– Central Heating Flush
– Underfloor Heating Installation and Servicing
– Replacing Radiators
– Thermostats and Thermostatic Radiator Valve Installation
– LPG Gas Central Heating Installation and Servicing
– Air Source Heating System Installation and Servicing
– Gas Fire Service Installation and Servicing
– Immersion Heater Installation and Servicing

Locating the best heating engineer for you

When you are in the need for service at your home or business that requires the skill set of a heating engineer, you should contact several and ask any questions that you think will help you determine whether they are capable of handling the job. They should also be able to provide to you proof that they possess the proper certifications that back up their skills.

Some of the inquiries that a homeowner should make include:

  • Their level of experience in the brand and model of your boiler.
  • The guarantee that they provide for the service and parts needed for the repair.
  • Proper insurance that will protect your property.
  • Will they honour their quote if they run into unforeseen issues that require additional work?
  • Are they able to clean the entire system if deemed necessary?
  • Can they offer advice and information about energy efficiency?
  • What is the policy for payment? Is there payment required in advance?

A proper heating engineer should provide you with a thorough quote of the job. This should include the required parts, a time table for how long the job will take and the cost. A reputable heating engineer should be able to explain to you the work needed in terms that you can understand. They will want you to understand what the job entails, the required parts needed and give you a breakdown of the costs accurately. A good heating engineer will do all of these things in a polite manner without pressuring you into making a decision on the spot. They will respectfully allow for you to do your research in order to make the best decision that meets the needs of you and your home.

Common Heating Engineer Jobs

Now that you are aware of how to find a reputable heating engineer, you need to familiarize yourself with the costs of common jobs associated with the work that heating engineers typically undertake.

It is recommended that homeowners service their boilers at least once a year. Proper maintenance can prevent major malfunctions that can be extremely expensive. Without proper maintenance, the risks of carbon monoxide or serious fires are of a higher threat. This can cause serious injury or prove potentially fatal to your family. Be diligent in keeping up with the service maintenance of your heating unit.

On that same note, being aware of the costs associated with proper repairs, services and installations can protect you from a ruthless tradesman who wants to try and take advantage of innocent people. First, you will want to book a service with a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Engineers are required to be Gas Safe Registered by law to protect the public from unsafe gas work. Although they are required to be registered, customers should still inquire about their experience with gas boilers and the type of work that they are qualified to undertake.

Heating Engineer costs

The average rate a heating engineer will charge for their labour in the UK will depend on the job in hand. The length of the job and if it’s an emergency will affect the cost. You should expect to pay around £60-£80 for quick boiler services. For longer jobs like replacements and installations, you will be looking at costs of around £350-£500 for your heating engineers labour.

It is not unreasonable for the heating engineer to request an instalment of the payment to be made in advance if the job requires a significant amount of work such as replacing a new unit. Use your initiative in comparing the costs of different models and brands before settling on the recommended unit set forth by the heater engineer.

Cost Breakdown of Common Heating Engineer Jobs

Not only does your location, current equipment and the tradesmen you choose for your heating engineer work affect the cost of your job, there could also be an extensive waiting period depending on the time of year.

Below we have listed some of the most common jobs that heating engineers receive and the average price that they would charge. These figures are based on estimates and will vary depending on the region and if any other costs will be involved.

Quick annual Boiler Service –

Typically for your one-off annual boiler service, you should expect to pay around £65-£80. The boiler service should take around 30 minutes.

Boiler Printed circuit repair –

To repair your boiler printed circuit you would typically pay around £220-£280.

Boiler Fan Repair –

To repair your boiler fan you would typically pay around £150 -£250.

Boiler Overheat Thermostat Repair –

To repair the boiler overheat thermostat on your boiler you would typically pay around £100.

Boiler Valve Repair-

If you need your diverter valve repairing you should expect to pay anywhere between £200 – £350 but for a pressure release valve, you are looking more in the £100-£150 region depending on the Boiler.

Boiler ignition –

To repair the ignition on your boiler you would typically pay around £90-£110

Water pump–

To replace your water pump you should expect costs of around £200-£250.

Replacing Boiler Thermocouple –

To replace the Thermocouple in the average boiler should cost around £70-£85.

Replacing a Radiator –

Depending on the style and Radiator you choose you will typically be looking at around £150-£200 on average.

Now that you are aware of common issues that can occur that would require the skillset of a heating engineer along with approximate associated costs, there are things to keep in mind to help you keep track of all work and money that has gone into the life of your unit.

What to do afterwards

Once the work is done, be sure that the boiler is working correctly and safely. Be sure that both the heater and hot water is working at optimal levels. Be sure that you understand how to properly work the boiler unit. Before the heating engineer departs get them to explain the settings. Especially if the boiler is brand new and is of a brand and model that you may not be familiar. Keep proper records of all the service and repairs of your unit. The paperwork will contain warranty information as well be able to show the heating engineer of past service and common issues with your particular unit.

Being knowledgeable about the unit that you have in your home will help assure that you operate your boiler properly and safely. Proper education will also prolong the life of your unit. It will also keep you prepared for any possible emergencies in the future.

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