Costs Invoved With Hiring a Plumber

If you’ve ever had a burst pipe or a blocked drain you’ll know exactly how helpful a plumber can be. Plumbers are needed for a variety of jobs to ensure a safe installation of appliances and heating systems. A plumber will install and repair pipes and fittings within your plumbing systems. These include the water supply, heating system, and sanitation.

A plumbers duties may include:

– Emergency repairs
– Fitting domestic appliances (washing machines, dishwashers etc)
– Mapping out the layout for your pipe work and drainage system.
– Installation of pipes and fixtures such as sinks, showers, toilets and baths.
– Installing and repairing air conditioning and heating systems.
– Installing sprinkler systems & rain water pipes
– Testing systems and locating leaks
– Fitting bathrooms
– Installing, moving and repairing radiators.
– Installing and repairing boilers
– Immersion heaters and water tanks
– Installing underfloor water heating systems

Plumbing can be very difficult and a mistake can cost thousands as well as being an inconvenience. Hiring a professional will ensure you get a reputable plumber and avoid getting yourself a rogue tradesman.

Most plumbers charge an hourly rate plus material costs but prices will vary depending on the type and size of the job at hand, location of the job, if its an emergency or an inconvenient time of year, ie Christmas or bank holidays and if the plumber requires any materials to get your job done.

Costs of Hiring a Plumber

The average rate for a plumber in the UK is between £25 and £50 per hour.

Below we have listed some of the most common plumbing jobs and what the average plumber would charge. These prices include the installation costs and involve the customer supplying any fixtures. The below prices are based on estimates and will vary depending on region and if any other costs will be involved like parking charges and travel costs.

Unblocking a toilet

The average cost to call out a plumber to unblock a standard toilet is between £80-£100.

Unblocking a drain system

The price will vary depending on the size of your system and the location of your blockage. A serious blockage that requires a professional plumber will cost between £125-£175.

Emergency Callout fee

The average callout fee for a professional plumber in the UK is £70 – £100.

Plumbing in an appliance

Depending on the appliance you can expect to pay between £50-£80.

Replacing a sink

Replacing a kitchen or bathroom sink will cost between £90-£150 depending on the size and style of the sink.

Plumbing in a bath tub

Installing a new bath tub will cost between £100-£200.

Installing a mixer tap

The average mixer tap installation will cost around £80-£100.

Installation of an electric shower

Providing and installing an electric shower will cost on average £300.

Installing a radiator

The cost to fit a new radiator is on average £80-£150.

Installing a garden tap

The average garden tap installation will cost around £80-£120.

These are just some guidelines as to the costs you can expect for the most common jobs that plumbers encounter. To get a more accurate figure you will need to get a quote and describe your job in detail so that a qualified tradesman can give you an accurate price.

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