Costs Involved With Hiring a Gardener

Everyone would love to have a beautiful garden but the truth is a lot of people don’t have the time to look after them. It’s becoming more and more common for homeowners to hire professional gardeners to make their outside space look how they want it to. You don’t need qualifications to become a gardener but many opt to specialise in certain aspects. Its essential you look for a reputable gardener that specialises in the area that you need.

A Gardeners duty may include:

– Hard Landscaping
– Garden Design
– General Garden Maintenance
– Laying Artificial Grass
– Soil Irrigation
– Tree surgery
– Garden Clearing
– Planting
– Creating Garden Paths and Patios
– Brick & Block Paving
– Lawn Services
– Garden Wall and Fence Installation
– Installing Gates
– Pond & Water Feature maintenance and installation
– Garden Shed Construction
– Laying Wood Decking.

When hiring a gardener, you may want to seek someone with industry experience to ensure that they know what they are doing. It may also be worth checking out the scale of the company, many gardeners work independently and if you have a large job that needs doing on a time scale you might want to make sure that the specialist you choose is up to it.

The price charged by a gardener is going to depend on the job at hand and the location. However, as a rough idea the average price charged in the UK for a gardener is between £15-£30 per hour. If you have your garden regularly maintained you can typically warrant a lower charge but if you let your garden get overgrown, expect to experience higher costs.

Costs of Gardening Jobs

Although most will charge an hourly rate if you are having a garden makeover or any other large job you may be charged a price for the complete job.

Below we have listed some of the most common jobs that our gardeners receive and the average price that they would charge. These figures are based on estimates and will vary depending on the region and if any other costs will be involved.

Restoring an Overgrown Garden

For a gardener to restore an overgrown garden you should expect costs between £250-£700. This depends on the size and state of your current garden.

Removing a Large Tree

Removing a large tree of over 50 feet will typically cost between £700-£1100.

Laying Garden Turf

For a Gardener to supply and lay turf in a medium sized garden of around 50 square metres you should expect costs of around £450-£550.

Building a Brick Garden Wall

On average our homeowners paid between £750- £1200 to have a garden wall built, depending on the size and thickness required.

Supply and Lay Artificial Grass

The average specialist will charge around £50-£60 per square metre to supply and lay artificial grass.

Laying a Patio

Depending on the slabs used you should expect costs of around £2000-£2500 for a 30 square metre Patio.

Installing a Garden Shed

To have a garden shed installed with a base, the cost would typically be between £600-£1000. This will depend on the foundation required and the size.

Laying a Wood Decking

The typical decking installation is around £1000-£1500 for around 20 square metres. The price will vary depending on the quality of timber that you opt to use.

These are just some guidelines as to the costs you can expect for the most common jobs that our gardeners encounter. To get a more accurate figure you will need to get a quote and describe your job in detail so that a qualified tradesman can give you an accurate price.

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