Costs Involved With Hiring a Tiler

When building or changing the interior design of your home, the finishing is very important. The kitchen and bathroom are 2 of the main rooms people notice when in your home. Meaning that any floor and wall tiles bear a huge level of influence whether you’re entertaining your guests or if you’re selling a property. This is why a good quality finish with your tiles and grout is important. Having stunning tiles is redundant if the grouting is messy or the wrong colour. Laying basic tiles isn’t rocket science so you may opt to take the job on yourself but if you do decide to hire a specialist tiler for your job then you’re going to want to make sure you hire the right one for you.
Cost of tiling a backsplash

A Tilers Duties May include:

– Removing Old Tiles
– Surface Preparation
– Floor levelling
– Tile Repair
– Re-grouting
– Laying Floor Tiles
– Attaching Wall Tiles
– Tile Polishing
– Water Sealing
– Garden Tiling

Locating the best tiler for you

When it comes to hiring a tiler, the subject of getting a precise quote that completely suits your budget and expectations might be a troublesome one. The entire cost of tiling certainly depends on the type of tiles you intend to use and the tiler who would be doing the work. Thanks to the internet, getting a quote from a local tiler has become an even easier task than it used to be. The main things to consider when choosing a tiler are location, testimonies, previous work and the tiler’s speciality.

To keep costs low you want to hire a tiler local to you. You don’t want to add the expense of travel on top of your material and labour costs. Hiring a local tiler not only keeps costs lower but also makes it easier for the tiler to return if the project lasts longer than expected.

Seeing testimonies and examples of tradesmen’s previous work can help you choose the right specialist for you. If you have a job that requires intricate cuts for any obstacles in the way of your tiles then wouldn’t you find it easier to hire a tiler if you had seen examples of their previous work?

Different tiles have different characteristics so if you’re choosing expensive, specialist tiles its imperative that you choose a professional to cut and lay them. Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Slate, Onyx, Mosaic, Natural stone and Cement tiles are just some examples of the different options available to you. With prices into £30 per M², you don’t want to hire a tiler who breaks tiles when cutting them to go around fittings and pipes. We highly recommend communicating with your potential tiler the type of tiles you want to ensure they are comfortable working with the material you have chosen.

Processes involved in tiling

In order to have a deeper understanding of the costing of a tiling job, a detailed overview of the processes involved may come in handy.

Surface preparation.

Though tiles can be fixed on most types of surfaces, it is highly crucial to have a clean and even surface to work with. This will allow for quality and a durable result. This is where the subject of surface preparation comes in. Generally, the smoother and better the surface, the easier the tiling job and more professional the outcome.


This is, of course, the most critical portion of the whole job. In this stage, the tiler marks horizontal and vertical lines on the wall or floor. These lines have to be calculated with the cumulative width of the grout in mind. The tiles are then applied with the aid of tiling adhesive and an edged trowel.


Grout is simply the substance (powder or paste) spread into the gaps between the already applied tiles. Grouts come in various colours so you can find the right colour for the design you have in mind and this hardly affects the costing. After a while, the grout applied during the original tile installation may wear out. This leads to the need for a procedure called re-grouting.

Tilers costs

The average rate a tiler will charge for laying wall and floor tiles are pretty much identical. Excluding the cost of tiling materials and any special requirements, on average you should expect to pay between £160 and £190 for a day’s job. If you have a larger job and your tiler requires a labourer you should expect an extra £100 a day on top. But remember this price depends on the scale of the job, any preparation work needed, class of the tradesmen required and the location of the job. With so many variables the price can differ greatly but this should give you an idea of the average price charged by professional tilers in the UK.

Cost Breakdown of Common Tiler Jobs

Below we have listed some of the most common jobs that our tilers receive and the average price that they would charge. These figures are based on estimates and will vary depending on the region and if any other costs will be involved.

Re-grouting –

Re-grouting can be necessary to rectify the ugly and often smelly black residue between your tiles which can cause serious leaks and water damage if untreated. To remove old grout, clean and replace with a fresh grout you should expect to pay around £175-£225 for the average tiled bathroom. This includes materials and labour and is based on a bathroom around 8ft x 6ft.

Tiling a Kitchen Backsplash –

Depending on the height of the backsplash you should expect to pay around £150-£200.

Tiling a Shower Cubicle –

Complete tiling a corner shower cubicle with 2 walls and sealing would be around £150.

Tiling a Bathroom –

Floor to ceiling tiling in your bathroom including materials but not the tile costs you should expect to pay around £500-£600.

Tiling a Kitchen Floor –

To tile and grout your kitchen floor including cutting tiles to fit around pipes and units you should expect to pay around £250-£350.

Estimating the costs of tiling is very difficult with such variations in the costs of using different types of tiles but using the average day rate in the UK of around £160-£190 you are able to work out the rough costs for your tiling needs. With more demanding jobs like mosaic tiles and levelling surfaces, you must bear in mind that tradesmen may round up their rates to account for the more difficult tasks and half days. If you have a mosaic tile layout which takes your tradesmen 1.5 days to lay, you can expect to pay for 2 days of labour.

Reducing Tiler Costs

The most assured way of controlling the cost of tiling is to focus on the quote of the installation only. By purchasing the materials, yourself you can keep costs lower as the tiler doesn’t need to add on the expense of going to purchase and collect your tiles.

Obviously, the more work you can take on yourself the lower the tradesmen’s cost but be careful not to cause any damage. If you opt to remove old tiles and do the surface preparation any damage caused will be solely your responsibility.

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